Follow up on the latest improvements and updates.


This plugin update is recommended for all users.
  • Tax API issue that was preventing WooCommerce tax rates from syncing to Oliver on bridge versions up to
The Oliver POS Desktop app is now available for beta testing!
  • Dedicated window for the Register instead of a browser tab
  • No more print window pop-up after each sale
  • Clear cache in-app via Hardware Settings
  • WebView switcher to access Beta features
For those who have used our mobile app before, the login/PIN screen interface should be familiar. When launching, you'll need to go to ⚙
Hardware Settings
(top-left corner upon login)
--> Printer Settings
to find and connect your printer. The app accesses the printer drivers that are present in the Windows Control Panel, and then saves that preference for use each time a sale is completed. After this initial printer setup, Oliver will refer to this setting when Print Receipt is selected instead of triggering the default Print pop-up.
Customer-facing display settings can also be found under the same Hardware Settings menu functionality if a second monitor is found.
The dropdown in the top-right corner at the login page will also allow you to change the Register from Sell 3.0 to BETA. We recommend using Beta mode for access to our new receipt engine, native Gift Receipts, and the latest improvements to the POS interface.
To get started:
  1. Download the .zip folder here --> Oliver POS Desktop v1.0.1
  2. Install OliverPOS.exe on your Windows PC
  3. Launch your new desktop Register!
We're pleased to say that Hub 3.0 is now available for public Beta testing! This next generation of the Oliver Hub, our POS admin dashboard, includes the following improvements:
  • Design overhaul with responsive design for both desktop and mobile
  • New and improved reports with expanded export functionality
  • Better explanations of features and settings
  • Improved app marketplace
We're actively seeking feedback on this all-new Hub, so please flag any issues directly by hitting ALT+U from any screen to send your feedback directly to our development team for review.
Try Hub 3.0 today at and let us know what you think!
Submitted to Google Play Store for review on 01/03/2023
  • Image Print setting for accessing new and improved receipt engine
  • Support for iMin built-in printers (OIiver Move + Combo)
  • Cash Drawer operation when using iMin built-in printer
Our latest bridge update is now live! Version is recommended for all users and contains the following:
  • Support for High-Performance Order Storage (HPOS)
  • PHP fixes for minor errors reported by some users
  • Clarification/improvement of some error message wording
Get the updated plugin here:
It's now easier than ever to send us feedback!
One of the most challenging aspects of bug reports is that sometimes an issue is too complex or specific to recreating easily. Now, when a bug is found, we can capture all the information needed to fix it directly with this new direct feedback integration.
If you encounter an issue in the POS Register, simply press ALT+U to on any screen to report it directly to our development team.
This will capture a screen recording of what led to the issue, along with the console logs that will provide our bug hunters everything they need to find and fix the issue. Once it's fixed, you'll be notified automatically as well!
  • Updated the product sync API to improve WooCommerce product sync efficiency.
  • Fixed issue that caused app to crash for a certain configuration of the Oliver Cloud Printer (NT311).
  • Fixed issue that caused the navigation bar/black menu bar to remain on-screen for some Oliver Elite users.
  • Modified word wrapping of text on receipts so that text fields (ie: return policy) will now properly fill receipt width.
Now available for 3.0! 🚀
Oliver POS - Points and Rewards for WooCommerce version 2.1.0 is now live in the WordPress plugin repository! Now updated for Register 3.0, this integration brings the powerful functionality of WooCommerce Points and Rewards in-store.
Additional requirements:



Register Update v3.0.6

  • By popular request, the automatic PIN screen timeout has now been removed from POS, so the Register can remain open for extended periods without having to re-enter a PIN and re-sync.
  • This feature will be reintroduced as an optional security feature in a future update, with the ability to set how long the Register must be idle before reverting to the PIN screen.
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